Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I have a new hobby. I think you'd enjoy it! It's called wallowing! I have a favourite puddle too (though when I tried to tell my twitter friends I made a mistake and said poodle instead of puddle!)

Anyhoo here are some pictures of me wallowing!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Guide to Human Ownership.

A Dog's Guide to Human Ownership.

So.. you're thinking about getting yourself a human are you? First of all you need to ask yourself a few questions..

1. Will you be around most of the day? Humans require a lot of companionship, or at the least a mirror so they think they have company.

2. Are you particularly houseproud? Be aware that many human's have strange ideas about how a bed should look.

3. Do you have the time to commit to exercising your Human's mind and body? There are cases where human's have actually turned into potatoes, in a condition known as "couch potato"

4. Are you willing to wake up in the night? Your human may need to be taken out into the garden in the first few weeks to relieve themselves.

If you can answer yes to all of these then perhaps you are ready to own a human.

Human's do not make their beds like this.

So what should you look for when selecting a human?

Human's come in lots of different styles. However, there are certain qualities that are a must. Kindness and consistency are excellent qualities, also bear in mind that malleability is important too.
Those offering luxurious living conditions are clearly a good choice, as are those that come with a live in chef and vet nurse.

A comfortable, kind human  (who gives good fusses)
Appearance can be an issue. You need to ensure that you will not be embarrassed by your human in public. However, please note that your human's appearance can be improved by you. A little mud here, a dog hair there, and voilĂ , a human to be proud of.

When you spot a human you like, be sure to look at them and tilt your head to one side. This gesture can soften even the grumpiest humans, so never forget this simple training technique.
redambiegreen from Twitter demonstrating perfectly.

Taking them home for the first time can be stressful.. Be sure to make your human realise that the furniture is in fact yours and not theirs. Your bed, your sofa, your cushions etc. Problems can occur when there are disagreements over who sits where. You may prefer your human to sit on the floor. Be sure to remind them often that the floor is still yours.

Is my chair. Is no room for you.

Sleeping arrangements can be tricky. Some dogs are happy for their human to have the bed to themselves. Others allow the human minimal space on the bed. A comprimise between the two is that one of you sleeps on the floor and the other on the bed. You can choose to alternate who sleeps where although a human that is allowed to do as it pleases may suffer with dominance issues later.

My bed. Not my choice of sheets though.

Humans will at some point complain about your bodily functions, or general aroma. Be aware that this can lead to unexpected bathing. You will of course have to put up with some of the vile smells your human will make with perfumes, deodorants, bubble baths etc. You are not supposed to complain about these to your human, though I do suggest you get them into a muddy field as soon as possible to get them back to smelling how they should.
Make sure you give them the eye so they know they have to give you cuddles after.

The good news is most humans are easy to train. For example, when a human is trying to get you to take a tablet, you should ideally hold off from accepting the tablet until it is wrapped in something tasty. Cheese is acceptable, as it chicken though some say you should aim for steak!

Your human will also want to play some games with you. You are more than entitled to think that if a human has thrown a toy away this means they do not want it. However, if you choose to tidy up after your human (in some areas, this is law) you may bring the ball back to them. However, a human is a creature of habit and they will more than likely throw the toy again.

Human's may throw your toys into water too!

Humans can be quite slow on walks. This is mainly due to them only having two legs. They will sometimes reward you for walking nicely next to them, although be aware this means it will take you much longer to reach your destination!

It should also be noted that your human may do many things to you which they consider "cute". It can be worth humouring them, particularly if it results in you receiving high quality noms.

Charshy_pup, complete with ear decorations.
A human can live for many, many, many dog years. They are a big commitment, but they can enrich your life so much.. and let's face it, dog food is tricky to open!
What... AGAIN!??

(This blog would not have been the same without the input from a few folks on Twitter -  @urbangundog, @Alfie_BT, @3phibotticelli, @Baxter_man, @cernydog, @Gemmathepuppy @Charshy_pup @redambiegreen and @shortforkate I thoroughly recommend any of them for you to follow!)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Prepare to go "awwww"...

Hello! So as you are probably aware, I am going to be one year old this week! Yup, my very first birthday! So we thought we would share some pictures and (hopefully) videos from my first few weeks here!

First night in a new home...
I spent most of my first night wandering around the living room. They laughed because my tail never stopped wagging, all you could hear was BANG BANG on the floor BOL!!!! I slept in a recycling box for the first two weeks. I wouldn't fit in it now BOL! It was nice to be close to Humum at night though :D

Chilling out on the chair
As you can see, I was no where near as spotty as I am now. I was practising wearing my collar here, a tiny blue one!

Sleepy.. So sleepy..
I also had a lot more white on my head!

You woke me up!
Hmph. Don't like noisy cameras disturbing my sleep...

On the naughty step!?
If I have to sit on the naughty step, I'll do it in comfort thank you very much!

12 weeks old
Here I am just about to go on my first ever walk!

Taking a towel into my crate!

I made Humum jump!!

Hope you have enjoyed my puppy pics! I hope I have made all of your people say "awww" lots :D

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Stockhill Woods

 Hello again :D So me and my friend Benji got taken in the car to Stockhill Wood I got to sit in the footwell as I'm bigger than Benji and can't fit in his crate!

 As soon as we were given freedom, we were off!

Benji trying (and failing) to keep up with me...


Benji with his precious ball
Benji tends to attack me if he's not having enough fun on walks, and then his ball has to come out!

Benji waiting patiently.. I've got sniffs to sniff.

You take the high road...

Benji wondering where I've gone (I found a pheasant :D)

Benji posing..
Not having any of this posing on my blog you show off!
Mwahaha! Go #ninjaspaniel!

You want to take my picture..?

Give me noms....

Off for more exploring :D

Ok so that's all for now :) Hope you liked the pictures.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Hello! This time of year there are always carnivals around Somerset, where we live. Starting in Bridgewater, then moving around to others including Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury and of course, where we are in Wells. The carnivals have a website if you is interested... http://www.somersetcarnivals.co.uk/  

So on Friday morning before the carnival me and Humum went for a walk as normal.. when we spotted a road was closed... 

Closed road!
 When we got closer, Humum started snapping away with the camera. There are clubs who make these floats. Some are simply pulled by tractors, others are more inventive.
First float parked.
As you can see the floats are covered in light bulbs! The carnival is in the dark but Humum likes to see them in the daylight as the clubs that build the floats put a lot of work into their design!

Someone will be stood here dancing :D

This one uses lots of energy saving bulbs.

My blog, so a picture of me...

Some floats are just pulled along by tractors.

That tractor is brand new!

The eagle eyed among you will spot Humum's arm and my lead.

Not a real pigeon.

Cycle path
 The floats are parked along the road, but the pavement veers away from it and into this lovely track, which we have taken lots of pictures in before.


Looking back the way we came..

Looking towards Shepton
 There are a LOT of floats! Humum went along to it in the dark but it was a bit rainy and she missed me so they came back after a while.

I hope my blog does not be too boring for you!